March 21, 2017

Clarke Hutchings

Clarke Hutchings, Realtor

As a self-made businessman with more than 35+ years of success in real estate, my focus is on seizing opportunities and improving a client’s bottom line. I am an active investor, with many years of experience buying, selling, and developing real estate, and I like to partner with other investors and developers in the industry to deliver results.

As a recognized leader, I approach each new business challenge with innovation, creative problem-solving, vision, and discernment. I am goal-driven, I have excellent negotiation skills, and I consistently endeavor to find significant deals.

My focus is to create business opportunities designed to add value to the lives of my partners, clients, and associates. I help them get the most out of their real estate investments, and currently, I have high-quality investments available which afford my clients annual returns of 5% to 15%.

I also offer loans for developers with up to 100% financing with as little as a 15% equity stake. The range for these loans is $30MM to $500MM, however, there are some exceptions for loans under the minimum amount.

With unparalleled experience and invaluable market intelligence, I have built a business model that includes remodeling, re-designing, re-tenanting, and re-positioning properties for higher cash flow. I have worked with single family residences, apartment buildings, retail strip centers, and office buildings. This background has also equipped me with the unique ability to fully understand my clients’ needs, navigate fluctuations in the market, and provide razor-sharp accuracy in pricing assessments. Known and respected industry-wide, my judicious, distinct service confirms my status as a business leader in the marketplace.

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