March 21, 2017

Ryan Rudnick

Ryan Rudnick, Realtor

Ryan Rudnick has been interested in and excited about real estate, real estate development, and design for many years, often attending open houses with friends and family members and teaching himself about the market, even as a young adult. Since moving to San Francisco in 2004, Ryan has kept a close eye on the local trends in pricing, sales, and new construction. For the past two years, Ryan has applied his growing knowledge of the local market in his work as an independently contracted project manager and consultant on a number of residential renovations – work that has given him the opportunity to learn about and gain a solid understanding of San Francisco’s complex and often confusing building codes and permit processes. Now, as an agent, Ryan can apply this background and experience to help clients better understand current market trends, answer questions about the process of buying and selling real estate, and give prospective buyers and sellers insight into San Francisco’s unique real estate market.

In addition to his longstanding interest in real estate, and his recent experience in construction, design, and renovation of residential properties in San Francisco, Ryan worked for many years as a teacher and camp counselor. With over a decade of experience working with children of all ages and their families, Ryan brings keen eye for, and understanding of the specific functional and safety features that may be important to families in search of their perfect home.

Feel free to contact Ryan at (415) 886-7136 at any time to discuss the market, your current home, or your hunt for a new place to live!


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