May 8, 2015

Bank-Alternative Lenders

iStock_000040912426XXXLargeGrobecker Holland International provides commercial, residential and rehab financing solutions through our network of financial lenders.


Grobecker Holland International has partnerships with a wide array of hard money lenders who specialize in commercial and residential projects.


What’s the benefit of using a bank-alternative lender?

A local lender can sometimes fund as cash or be very competitive in seller-market conditions.  Buyers then have the option of keeping the non-bank loan or refinancing with a traditional lender.

What types of loans do these bank-alternative lenders provide?

Programs starting from $50,000 to $50 million.

Who qualifies for bank-alternative loans?

All types of credit profiles. Non-bank lenders look at character, credit history and the collateral, but are more flexible thank banks regarding pervious short sales, foreclosures, or bankruptcy.

To see a list of lenders, please sign up for access to this private list.

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