June 24, 2016

Commercial Brokers

We love agents. Tell us what you love.

Grobecker wants to know:

  • Do you want to keep more of your commissions?
  • Are you an entrepreneur committed to your own success?
  • Do you want a broker who’s available to you around the clock?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to make the call to Grobecker Holland International today.

The best Grobecker agents have the following in common:

      • Self-motivated
      • Hard-working
      • Clever
      • Customer-centric
      • Excellent customer service via voice, text, email
      • Over-the-phone and face-to-face closer
      • Compliant with Grobecker & BRE rules and regulations
      • Is coachable and open to feedback
      • Technologically friendly or willing to learn

What Grobecker offers agents:

  • Get paid direct from escrow the same day you close escrow
  • Mentor programs for new agents
  • No monthly, franchise, E&O or desk fees

License qualifications:

  • Has a clean BRE license, no restricted status or prior restricted
  • No lawsuits or named on an E&O claim
  • No bankruptcies

Included Services:

  • CRM
  • Leads
  • MLS access and MLS drip for clients
  • Training repository
  • Corporate email
  • Graphic designers
  • Transaction coordination team
  • Paperless office system

At Grobecker, we believe success comes from strong leadership and a diligent work ethic. If you have what it takes, click here to apply.

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