October 14, 2014


At Grobecker Holland International, we provide prudent investment opportunities for our clients.

Why invest in San Francisco Real Estate?

1. Scarcity of land
2. Scarcity of development
3. High demand
4. Job growth
5. Low unemployment
6. Low interest rates
7. International buyers seeking preservation of capital in safe asset classes

Sacramento is now  part of the tech market!

Sacramento is poised to see another up-tick in home values in 2017 as the tech boom sprawls north to Sacramento.

San Francisco Multi Family

Grobecker Holland International specializes in bringing together investors and owners of multifamily and retail properties. We select our properties for their sound location, value propositions and return on investment.   Our exclusive partnerships include internationally renowned commercial real estate institutions as well as boutique firms to provide the portfolio of assets that meet client requirements. Click here to view current offerings.

Retail and Storage

Grobecker Holland International is pleased to announce our referral partnership with Sperry Van Ness/DealPoint Merrill Equities, with over $2 billion in assets and  over $1 billion in equity for commercial real estate investments. Designed for discriminating 1031 exchange investors and income/growth oriented clients, our co-investment platform seeks to quickly add investment value through both cosmetic and construction upgrades and new tenancy. Click here to view current offerings.

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