March 20, 2017

The Online Broker’s Manifesto

I started this company five years ago because I wanted more control over my life. I wanted more time with my family, less time on the road fighting traffic to check into an office, and I wanted to keep more of my hard-earned commission. When I started the firm, I had no idea how successful my business plan would become. Within three months, 25 other agents joined me in my virtual real estate agency. Apparently, I wasn’t the only real estate agent who wanted to take control over my career and life.
My firm is a sanctuary for all agents who want to do better, work smarter, and have a team supporting them. At GHI, we all work toward a common yet unique goal: to give our families and communities a better future. We make this goal a reality through technology.
The internet allows us to accomplish more in less time. GHI uses all the tools that you would find at the best San Francisco tech companies. We use to communicate in real time with our peers. Agents and TCs share workflows with Trello and share files on Google Drive. Every agent gets their own personally branded customer centric iOS and android app. I provide 24/7 legal and escrow guidance. We have attorneys on retainer and graphic designers who produce within 24 hours.
In 2016 GHI agents closed over $95 million in real estate transactions. In January 2017, the BRE found zero issues in our spot audit. Simply stated, GHI agents strive constantly to be the best at their trade. We always do what’s right for the client and exceed BRE compliance expectations.
The bottom line is that that there isn’t a broker in California who does more for agents and cleints. My mission is to serve and provide the best customer experience. Join me in my crusade.
Yours in truth,
Teresa Grobecker

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