June 24, 2016

Training Support

At GHI, we believe technology makes us better professionals. Technology can benefit our clients, make us more productive, and give us back time with our families. To this end, we provide the following support.

Legal Support

  1. Phone Consultations: Consult with a Risk Management attorney on problems and issues related to a real estate transaction
  2. Contract Review: You can fax or email documents to be reviewed by a Risk Management attorney
  3. Attorney Letters: Attorneys will write letters on your behalf on real estate matters not otherwise excluded
  4. Sample Documents: Periodically will draft documents such as releases or supplements to the purchase contract  on behalf of members to assist in transactions.

Technology training

GHI provides extensive training for agents and managers new to the virtual office model.  We believe that time saved commuting to the office is better served with our clients and cultivating a higher standard of life.

Social media marketing

GHI dominates the competition with our proprietary scripting that promotes GHI agents and listings on all social networking sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Trulia, Zillow and Craigslist. The GHI Social Networker and Lead Generator Manual teaches agents how to create a $20,000 social marketing campaign for free! With GHI, your brand and listings will be ubiquitous on the web.

The GHI Social Networker and Lead Generator Manual also teaches agents auto prospecting for FSBO, cancelled, expired and tax default listings.

Lead generation

GHI offers lead generation by zip code upon  request as well as pin-point marketing training.  In a sellers market, the balance of power is in having exclusive listings and we train our agents in developing these relationships..

To that end, we offer online training courses and videos on the topics of  real estate prospecting, selling, office protocol, and virtual office management.

Transaction coordination

The GHI Transaction Coordination and Compliance Division leverages all the beauty of the cloud. The GHI online systems make transaction information accessible to you and your clients, yet protected with the highest level of cyber security.

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